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Our Story

Timberland Insurance – Covering All Your Insurance Needs


In 2016 Timberland Insurance was created and open for business by long time resident of Whitecourt, Claudia Diamond. Born and raised in Labrador, Claudia comes from a culture known for creativity and helping people which were the driving forces for her in taking on the challenge of opening her own brokerage to help people with all their insurance needs. If you know Claudia at all you know she is also humble and will be quick to share she didn’t do it alone. She had help from her partners who are active in the operation of the business today (Chris Lewis and Sandra Couturier). Timberland Insurance continues to aggressively grow in the community each year and remains a truly locally owned and independent insurance brokerage.

Covering All Your Insurance Needs
Our Mission
We believe in delivering exceptional service and cost-effective insurance solutions to our customers by highly trained and motivated professional staff to warrant a long term relationship with our customers.
How We Work For You
When you buy through an Insurance Broker, you are using the services of qualified professionals, like Timberland Insurance, who understand your needs. We operate independently of any insurance company and solely on behalf of you, our customer. More importantly, we are not tied to any one insurance company. We have access to an extensive range of policies offered by many of the major property and casualty insurance companies including Aviva, Intact, Peace Hills, Wawanesa, SGI Canada and Pembridge and a number of other esteemed insurance providers.
Your Broker Buys For You… AND Only You
Shopping around for personal or commercial insurance can be a bewildering task for even the most sophisticated buyer. This is where Timberland Insurance can make insurance buying so much easier for you. By using our expertise, we are able to assess the many and various policy alternatives currently available in the insurance marketplace. Then, guided by your special insurance requirements, we select the coverage that’s right for you. And, using our contacts and experience, we are able to negotiate for the best terms… so that we can buy at the price that suits your budget.
Your Broker Speaks For You
Speaking to a large insurance company can sometimes be a frustrating and intimidating experience. But speaking to one of our Brokers is easy… and gets results, fast! Remember, we’re on your side.
Your Broker is Committed To You
We are loyal to your interests… rather than the financial interests of a large corporation! In fact, your satisfaction is our number one objective. OUR SUCCESS, AND OUR REPUTATION AS BROKERS, DEPENDS ON JUST THAT… YOUR SATISFACTION.
Timberland Insurance
Timberland Insurance
Claudia Diamond
Security and Integrity
We only do business with reliable insurance companies which are financially stable. We shop the marketplace to obtain the best protection for you at the most reasonable price. Quality insurance needs no apologies.
Trusted Relationships
Timberland Insurance is a member in good standing of the Insurance Brokers Association and we are well-regarded by customers and competitors alike. Our staff turnover is minimal, which means that our customers and staff get to know each other over the years. This leads to a high level of confidence, a responsibility we do not take for granted. We know that your trust cannot be lost.
Absolute Trust
Ethical business practises and strict customer confidentiality are essential to our code of conduct.
Commitment To Professionalism
Many of our sales and service team have various degrees of education included being chartered and accredited. We are always held to the highest level of professionalism. Staff regularly attend seminars to stay up to date with the many changes in our industry. Your insurance protection is the most important job we have.