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Consider this when thinking about your Automobile Insurance

No matter what kind of vehicle you are insuring you can choose various levels of coverage, depending on how much protection you want for your car insurance

Automobile Insurance Coverage Based on Your Vehicle

Auto insurance liability coverage is mandatory for driving in Canada. Beyond that, there are other options to consider for your ideal coverage. The type of vehicle you drive is one factor that determines what type of car insurance you need. If you own a brand-new car, for example, you may want your insurance policy to cover the full replacement cost in the event of an accident.

Tips to lower your premium

There are several ways to lower your insurance premiums on both your auto policy. An easy way to decrease your premiums is to increase your deductibles. Increasing your deductible will result in substantial premium savings. Another easy way to qualify for a discount is to insure both your property and auto policies through our office.

Automobile Insurance Claims

If you’re involved in an accident, our auto insurance policies will cover damages to your vehicle if you carry physical damage coverage and the costs of your legal responsibility, if you’re at fault.

Buying Automobile Insurance

We believe that service and flexibility are the most important factors when looking at car insurance and each client should be looked at on an individual basis, based on their merits as a driver. We provide automatic coverages with our auto insurance for your peace of mind.

Let us make sure you’re protected!

We’ll be happy to answer your questions and find the right automobile insurance policy that is right for you.

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